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History of the Multi Wave Oscillator

At the twilight of the 19th century, 2 of the brightest minds humanity has ever been blessed with were on the mission to change the world forever.

Georges Lakhovsky, a Belorusian engineer, scientist, and inventor attended the lectures in physics and anatomy at the renowned Sorbonne University in Paris, France. Even at the tender age, he proved his excellence by inventing a railway safety device after being a victim of a railway accident. It is during his university years that he discovered cellular oscillations and the effect of electromagnetic waves on cellular metabolism. He noticed that the cellular oscillations in living beings drop in amplitude and frequency when the organism is struck with an illness. This applies to plants, animals, and humans. In order to remedy the disease at the root of the problem, a plan was put in motion to construct a machine that is capable of providing external electromagnetic stimulations in order to increase the cellular oscillations and tune their frequency.


Meanwhile Nikola Tesla, most likely the most brilliant mind ever, has just filled his first patent for wireless energy transfer in the distant year of 1897. It is this invention coupled with the discovery of Georges Lakhovsky that was destined to change the medicine forever.


Using Tesla's wireless energy transfer technology and his pioneering knowledge in the brand new field of radio waves, Lakhovsky created the MWO – Multi-Wave Oscillator. A device that provides oscillations on a broad frequency range in order to boost the metabolism of the cells by tuning the frequency of their oscillations and increasing the amplitude.


The core of his MWO devices were the MWO antennae – a revolutionary type of energy transmitting device. The MWO antennae have the capability of both harnessing and transmitting energy.


In 1911 when becoming ill himself, Lakhovsky was given only weeks to live but then made a miraculous recovery after using his Multiple Wave Oscillator machine. This feat was repeated many times over by Lakhovsky on his patients. After 1935 MWO was regularly used in hospitals in Paris to astounding success.


Unfortunately, the luck ran out for Lakhovsky and his MWO for World War II has begun and much of the knowledge was lost in the chaos of the devastating conflict. Georges Lakhovsky moved to New York, the USA where he sadly passed away in 1942 after being hit by a car. After the war MWO technology was lost in the sands of time only to be rediscovered in the 21st century.

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