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Introducing the latest iteration of the SWCC at Aplicum; the Healing Crystal Edition, now in a striking purple hue. This innovative machine is equipped with UV LEDs, specifically designed to energize healing crystals, enhancing their natural properties. Perfect for holistic wellness enthusiasts, this edition combines advanced technology with the timeless power of crystals, offering a unique and effective approach to personal healing and energy balance.

Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicator healing crystal edition

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  • Introducing the Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicator [SWCC] - Purple Edition, the ultimate device for Reiki practitioners, wish manifestation enthusiasts, and those seeking to purify energy in larger spaces such as rooms. This cutting-edge device incorporates upgraded power output and additional UV LEDs, which work synergistically to enhance its capabilities and bring forth transformative energy experiences.

    The SWCC harnesses the power of scalar waves, a form of subtle energy that operates beyond the electromagnetic spectrum. With its unique technology, this device creates a harmonious field of scalar waves that permeate the surrounding environment, promoting balance and healing on a deep energetic level.

    What sets the Purple Edition apart is its striking aesthetic, featuring a captivating shade of purple that represents spiritual awakening and higher consciousness. This color choice resonates with the crown chakra, symbolizing enlightenment and connection to the universal energy.

    Enhancing the device's functionality, the upgraded power output amplifies the reach and potency of the scalar waves, ensuring a more comprehensive energy field within your chosen space. Whether you intend to purify the energy of a room, create an atmosphere for Reiki healing, or enhance wish manifestation practices, the SWCC - Purple Edition provides a powerful tool to support your intentions.

    In addition, the device boasts extra UV LEDs that serve a dual purpose. Not only do they emit ultraviolet light, known for its ability to cleanse and purify, but they also energize the integrated clear quartz healing crystals at a heightened efficiency. This synergy amplifies the crystals' inherent properties, allowing them to radiate revitalizing energy throughout the environment.

    With the SWCC - Purple Edition, you can easily establish a sacred space, imbued with harmonious vibrations and focused intention. As you engage with this device, you'll find yourself immersed in an atmosphere conducive to personal growth, manifestation, and energetic purification, enabling you to tap into the full potential of your spiritual practice.


    Discover the transformative power of the Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicator - Purple Edition, and unlock a new level of energetic harmony and spiritual expansion in your life.


    One of the major features of these devices is the pre-installed programs that will make many Reiki practitioners happy! We implemented several programs that combine healing frequencies and light therapy patterns specifically designed to have a balancing effect on individual chakras. These programs can be easily triggered with only 1 button. Each program is time-limited which means it will shut down after around 15 minutes.

    The machine should be operated in a dark and quiet room, preferably a meditation room. If that is not possible a living room with all other electronic devices shut off and shades closed will work well too. It is essential that you eliminate all possible interferences from your environment while working with it. Cell phones, computers, and similar are not welcome when running these programs.

    There are 2 additional programs that are designed to provide energizing and relaxing effects to the user. Please refer to the video below on how to access these programs. The procedure is simple as it involves only pressing the 'imprint' button until the desired program is reached. When all LED animations are off, no internal program is running. In this mode, you can use externally provided frequencies via a 3.5mm audio port.


    Wish manifestation with SWCC healing crystal edition

    This iteration of the SWCC has extra UV LED emitters that energize the quartz crystals enabling them to emit and process energy at a higher intensity compared to earlier model of the SWCC.
    Wish manifestations can be performed in a similar way as with the Scalar Wave Orgone Charger. In simple terms, you can place either a picture related to the wish or a text with a wish on the slot with healing crystals
    As a good tip, you can place a high-energy orgone energy disc with pyrite crystals on top of the paper or picture. This will increase the effectiveness of the manifestation.
    In order to achieve desired results, several manifestation rituals might be required depending on the wish. Each session last around 15 minutes, SWCC will turn off after that time.


    Powering external antennae or bifilar Tesla Coil modules
    There are 2 sets of 4mm banana connectors that serve as an output for external bifilar Tesla Coil or compatible scalar wave antennae. Each of the outputs has it's own amplifier and will emit the same signal as the onboard coils beneath the orgone disc slots. This comes in handy if you are trying to recharge or increase the power of large orgone items like orgone pyramids or tower busters. 
    The outputs can be connected to the following coils;

    • 100mm bifilar Tesla Coil module
    • 100mm unifilar Tesla Coil module
    • 100mm rectangular bifilar Tesla Coil module
    • 100mm triangular scalar wave coil module
    • 100mm octagonal scalar wave coil module
    • 200mm bifilar Tesla Coil module
    • 193mm x 229mm triangular bifilar Tesla Coil


    Technical specifications


    • power supply: 5V USB port with the minimum constant current supply of 1A

    • power cable: USB type B

    • signal cable: 3.5mm audio cord

    • maximum air temperature: 50°C
    • minimum air temperature: 0°C
    • maximum air humidity: 85%
  • We gladly accept returns. If you are unhappy with your purchase please contact us withing 7 days of delivery and we will do everything to resolve any issues.

    All items returned should be in the same condition as they were delivered. All parcels are properly packed but in the most unlikely case there was damage during transport please contact us immediately.


    Returned items will be refunded in full.

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